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Did you ever get in stuck creating a powerful headline for your messages?

Hm :) I Think everyone has ever been in the annoying situation.

Often we just write around the message without being out of the simplicity.

Just make up the what to say as a line. No way out. Trouble in yours :(

Let say you are handling a super product that has all the answer for consumer's problems.

Then your copy came up with this long headline:

There is always a way to get solution for any problem.

Yes, it answers the consumer's need.

But, if we try like this, shorten the headline with different point of view:

Impossible is possible

Hmmm, can you figure out the visual about those two mentioned headlines?

Different visual to accompany each headline, right?

Okay. The great news is to make it shorter.

Finally, the copy is more emotional bonding to touch the consumer's heart:

I'm possible

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