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Lucky 2013

Don't hold 2012 tightly.
Let it go.
Just release yourself.

Run as fast as you can.
Jump as high as you fly.

If till today 2012 is yours,
it will be same with 2013, right?

Have a great 2013!

Copy Transcreation

Nowadays global brands might not be confident to talk with their worldwide consumers in one language, i.e. English.

It now becomes a trend that they are trying to embrace local people with their mother tongue language.

What for?

Of course, the brand wants to be perceived as a close friend, not a stranger.

As a (close) friend, people will listen you without a gap and have more attention and intention to accept information from you.

Don't believe it?

If you have a global brand and want your brand to have a better relationship with consumers elsewhere, just contact your local copywriter in which country your brand lives in.

I think copy transcreation is a must to answer the brands battle around the world; country-to-country.

What do you think?

Crafting Ideas

We need originality for crafting ideas.
Don't be proud of making a copycat from others.

Surely, there is not an easy thing to start from fresh thing.
But believe in me, you need a new one with pure idea like no others (hmmm...why I'm so familiar with this three last wording... :))

Even in general speaking, why we are hard to avoid using words from others?

That's it.

If you can make your communication familiar,
it is possible a part of yours will be popular.

Wanna try?

Ideas Generator

Are you familiar with award-winning print ads?
How long is the copy over there?

A lot?
A few?

It's your risk as a copywriter that nowadays the award winning print ad is visual driven.
People will see that you only have a few part on it although you have already bet your life to crafting that ad much more than your art director.

But since the visual is dominant, as a copywriter you are unseen.
So, don't be an ordinary copywriter. Beyond it; be an ideas generator. A conceptor.
From this point of view, you can manage your ideas better and execute it in distinctive ways, not stuck on your label as a copywriter.

Farewell Welcome

Thank you very much, 2011!
I'm saying goodbye without having intention of forgetting you in the new year to come.

And for 2012 which is coming to us.
What will you share in the next 365 days?

Dead or Alive

When you decided to be a creative people in advertising agency, then you would have to be ready for the consequence.

As a creative, yes, you are a kind of free people. Your mind, your thought, your imagination can go anywhere. Flying no borders.

But, do you know that you are -in fact- not a free people?

You have to think 24 hours 7 days without any pause of moment.
If you get some offer to choose between option: "dead or alive",
which one will be picked by you for your creativity?

100% alive.

Totally true. It's because, actually, you have no option in this situation :)