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Visual copy

A sticker is one of print medias which almost people know about that.
The character of sticker is casual, so any copy and visual can be displayed on it.
Sticker can stick to any medium too, from wall to wood.

So, what is the best sticker for you? What is the most part of it has grabbed you?
The visual or the copy?

That's right. The winner goes to the copy.
You can put various thing on sticker, from serious thing or just a humor one.

Take a look at the street when you are on ride.
You can see a sticker displayed on rear window of car.
Maybe you just smile seeing the content of it or maybe you are very mad with that cause the copy hits you strike :)

Gotcha! Take it easy :)
Either to make revenge or you have a product leading from competitors, make this sticker.

Just put this copy to your sticker and stick it at your car's rear window:

Don't be a follower!

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