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Respect others

It sounds great if you get a respect from others.
A respect can raise someone's self esteem.
It is like a human touch that makes someone's heart feel warm, secure and recognized.

The respect will encourage someone to achieve better.
To make a leap, not just a jump.
To satisfy with extraordinary result, not just an ordinary one.
And the most importance is to share the experience to others, not just to keep it by him/her-self for self pride.

A respect will mark up someone's dignity since it reflects person's value in community.
It's about a social labeling to someone's profile or status.
But for someone him/her-self, it is about principle of life.
If that principle broken, then the dignity will lost or stumble...

It's great if you have a campaign about dignity that relates to your product.
You can make it sound loudly and clearly to someone's mind and heart.

Bring it on to radio commercial.
Let it repeatedly run and people will listen it continuously, again and again.

Here is the concept or copy:

Dig your dignity

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