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Way out

It's a happy thing when we consumed a product we love or like it.
But in reality, consuming a product not always ends in happy result.
Sometimes someone satisfied with his/her choice, but sometimes got upset.
Then make a complain is just a kind of reaction to show his/her respond.
Another person has chosen to idle and without showing the disappointment blatantly, then switches the preference to another brand in the same category.

If it happened to you, what would you have do to handle that unsatisfied feeling?

How to cope the problem?
Will you let it be unfinished business and you keep using the brand or you will just switch to other anyway?

Everyone has a choice and a way out.
It's interesting because it's like a homework for producer or advertiser how to measure the user's level of satisfaction.

It's also interesting when you try to make another brand users to switch to your brand.
It's possible if you have more product's appeal than competitor has.
Is is urgent for them to travel and enjoy new sensation of your brand.

Yes. It's fair for them to choose another experience.
Will a sin remain to their heart after switching to your brand?
What do you think :)

Anyway, you can tease your new customer with this copy on print ad:

It's fair to make affairs

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