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Worth thing

Which one is the most boring thing for you?

Doing same thing in long time or when you are in wait?

The answer is subjective. Nothing is wrong.
But you'll find the difference on it.

In my point of view, doing same thing in long time is the most boring thing if you just stick on it without creativity. You only follow the instruction without having a right to modify or adjust it as your need. Then you just look like a robot...

What is about in a wait?

Sure, this is also the most boring thing if you are only in wait without doing something. Of course, you can do anything you like such as browsing or checking email with your smart-gadget. The time you spend in a wait will be worthwhile :)

Do you have or handle a product that is worth for daily activities of your target market? A thing that makes everyone feel comfort inside and outside.

You can show and claim it confidently in billboard:

if not worth,
it's not from us

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