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Brand Activation

How long can a brand live?

Yes. We do care about it.
It's our task in daily basis to maintain our brands.
To give them a sustaining life at time-to-time.
Give them soul to differentiate with others.

Yes. We do care about how long our brands can live inside consumer's heart and mind.
A brand is born to be a friend of people.
A brand is born to fulfill people's need.
A brand should keep alive to make people live as they want.
As long as it has regular brand campaign, a brand will have a long life.

It's a brand activation for.
A brand activation is not only needed when a new brand comes first time in the world, but also when it has multiple years and gets older and older after that.

When a new brand is born -if you don't care of it a little bit-it will die soon. Very soon.

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