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Sometimes, when we are enthusiastic in work and crafting an idea, we miss the detail about the concept. We just go because "the show must go on" is already injected in our mind and pushes us in rush. Wait a minute. And because the deadline too :) So, we just ignore that. Deliberately.

In fact, we need that detail. The kind of simple self control which can criticize ourselves.

A simple questions-answers game which can be played easily during a work before we accomplish it or we will finish badly because we just ruin it.

A question such:
Did we read the job brief and understand it carefully?

A basic question but we have it to answer, right?

Another questions will be on list if we are truly aware of the work.
The answers are also always be there to assist us work better and get the best result without any regrets.

If you forget the detail, you will regret

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