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Doing something


I am sure you are very familiar with any message on T-shirt you are wearing, banner you saw last time, stickers on wall, headline in newspaper or magazine, painted bus... and more.

All right, you notice the message.
You are impressed.

Even you hate about the message (but you still remember its word by word :)
If you like the message, probably you will fall in love it.

Hmmm..., did you ever think that someday you can make yourself to do that?
Delivering a message you never think before?

Today, I guarantee you can do that.
Now just think the medium you want to deliver the message.

After doing that, I'll give you a copy.
A message to deliver.
It's for you for free.

Yes. Free :)

Ok. Let's start.

My concern is now about the global crisis. The economy.

Regretting without doing something is nothing.

So, why not try this one?
Just put this copy on T-Shirt.
You can motivate yourself and share your spirit to others wherever you go!

Here is today's copy:

crisis can't beat me!

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