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Are you in online business?
Okay, off line business is also welcome :)

Do visitors pay attention to your program?
How do you attract them to join your potential business?

If you get less visitors, it means something wrong happens.
But the worst is getting a lot of visitors, but no one interested with your offer of your business :(

Have do you analyze it?
Probably, let's say, your banner ad is not powerful yet.
You just display ordinary words to join.

You should change the direction :)
I mean, try this one.
The point of view how visitors will feel themselves if not joining you.
Just put this copy on your banner ad.

Today's copy is:

Tomorrow is not to sorrow.

That's it?

Yup. But no hard feeling to add a punch on it.
Like this:

Tomorrow is not to sorrow
Make your day today!

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