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Perfect pair

Don't underestimate footwear.

Do you believe that the footwear you put on is reflecting who you are?

Imagine first. 

When you attended a party or meeting in wrong dress code, did you feel guilty yourself?

Something wrong. 
Just look down to your foot.
You think already came with perfect suit but in fact you gave a little attention to your foot.

Your shoes or sandals are not fixed with yours.
You recognized it. So how cool are you to hide your recklessness in front of public?

You feel safe if nobody didn't know the fact. 
But when one of them or let say all of them seing you are in not perfect shoes or sandals, OMG!

No matter you are serious person, humorous, casual, or something else of careful to choose your footwear :)

You think it's too ridiculous.


Ok, ladies. Sorry for you, gentlemen :)

If you want to get chic performance or you want to raise your appeal to others, especially to man, don't choose shoe or sandal without think it deeply.

Girls, are you recently fighting with your boyfriend or your ex?

And what is your reaction when you read a shoe's print ad whith the copy like this:

A Simple Step 
to Forget Your Boyfriend!

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