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Brand perception

When we are thirsty, we always drink to fulfill it.
But there is any reason why someone to drink.

Thirsty is just a basic need.
Today to drink a beverage is almost about image or brand perception.

You are drinking a energy drink because you will get energy booster of it.

You hang out at cafe, drink a wine or coffee for socialization or relationship.

And if you are now handling a beverage with its ingredient from honey, the matter you campaign on it is about how the intake of your honey drink would make a certain image for your customer.

Surely, in your campaign, you can release the benefit of honey for human health.

But why don't go beyond on it?

Let's twist the honey itself.

Luckily if your brand is for young customer :)

Go to the product campaign. Go broadcasting or airing in TV station.

You can come up with a great humor-sexy TV Commercial.
In the closing your TV Commercial, just ending it with this appealing copy:

It's so sweet, honey!

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