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Straight forward

I just wonder why T-shirt is so effective to bring on message on it.

Is it because the matter of the message itself or it just because the person who wearing it?

Help me, please...:)

Perhaps you will argue that the message is the first thing.
People will pay attention more to the message than the guy.

Really? Whatever the bombastic the message is?

But if Paris Hilton is wearing the T-shirt...which one more impact :)

But, sorry. For this moment...please forget Paris Hilton (if you can).

Stick on the message, keep focus.
Just think one thing.
If you do one thing regularly, continuously, undoubtedly you will be loyal to that thing.

It is a coincident that this message below will match with your product that has brand essence either "straight forward, no hesitation, or loyal"...

Let it display on T-shirt and people will get respect on:

Don't try to betray me

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