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Inner beauty

To be honest, what is more preferred to the most of you: 
inner beauty or outer beauty?

I guarantee that your answer is not to embarrase you :) 

Whatever your answer is just to reflect the part of your point view.

Perhaps for doubtful or skeptical person, the answer is: 
inner beauty is as beautiful as outer beauty :)

But someone of you will say in clarity:
inner beauty is the first thing than any personality which a person has have.

Of course, somewhere in different place will prefer outer beauty because it matters.


The best answer is yours :)

So when you are handling facial treatment or beauty product such Unilever, Wings, L'Oreal, Revlon, Biore, P&G, and so on, you can accompany your beautiful girl in your poster with this intriquing copy:

Don't look at me if 
you are not goodlooking enough

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