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To Everyone

It's going sick that everyday news we hear is about drug such as a narcotic or hallucinogen has killed people (again) in the world.

Beware of this kind of threat, because we don't know the victim is at present and then.
It could be a stranger, friend, neighbor, or one of our family...?

It is not ridiculous to fight against drug since it's only harmful for someone consuming for just a fake joy.

Will the door of your heart open for help to vanish the threat?

It needs consistent and grueling efforts to avoid our beloved family, friends, and respected others surrounding not for consuming drugs.

We have often and often to explain the painful effects and impacts regarding to that.

It will become personal; this is the responsibility to yourself and your community.

To everyone.

Be selfish will result nothing. It worsen the impact.

Just get involved in the fight. You can run Public Service Ad to inform.

You can use this copy for headline:

Drug only gives you dark fate

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