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New resolution

To keep in contact is always everyone's hope.
It's like the end of the world if we lost contact with someone who is very important in our life. Don't we :)

In the year to come, 2009, let our hope shine. Don't make it dim.
Together we can be stronger. Together there is no impossible.

What kind of resolution do you put on your heart when the 2009 comes?
Sure, you want to change yourself to be better than now.
Of course, you want to be better relationship to others, too.

Ok, hurry up!

Take your pencil and a blank paper. Illustrate what is full in your mind about 2009.
Draw the possibilities you will face to. You wish :)

At least, soar it to everyone you want to share the joy.
Forget about yesterday. Just concentrate in front of you. To tomorrow.

If you still have a blank card without copy or sentence on it, put this season's greeting:

Yesterday has left behind to assure our togetherness always in happiness in the year to come

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