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First time

When on a sharing time, my friend immediately interrupted my words
"Hey, I knew that! It's just I've been there before, felt the same like you was saying."

I just smiled, but my friend looked clumsy.

But I got the point.

What is it called?

You seem were in the situation at the first time but the fact is maybe you are nowhere.

Deja vu.

The detail is explained below:

The illusion of having already experienced something actually being experienced for the first time. (

[French : déjà, already + vu, seen.]

The next question is:

Does everyone experience this situation?

My answer is : I don't know.

But I did experienced that. So did my friend.
Did you?

It's a surprising feeling when we have a connection with someone's topic.
We got the relevance. The relationship on the matter.

And it's a great thing when you are developing an advertising campaign for your product.

Inject the impression of product to its target audience to get a solid bonding, not a broken one.

Make this copy for your headline:

Like deja vu, it's totally for you

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