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Emotional experience

My close friend will leave to her new office on early 2009.
May success always be with you!

And my former team on the past will replace her position.
Welcome back, man!

What an amazing!

Two great movements as achievement happens in front of my eyes in the same time!

Did you ever find a same thing like this?

Hope you so.

Trust me, it enriches your emotional experience of life.

You can't guess where and when a possibility will come.
And it will be belong to a mysterious way.

Because no one can guarantee you to succeed or fail.
The only one who knows is yourself.

It depends on your effort so far.
Also your fate...:)

If you are a hard worker and smart employee, I believe you are in a good track, indeed.
And forget to wary of being fired by your boss!

Here is a copy for flier or leaflet if you are working in publication and want people to get nice information about how to survive on office:

If you perform well,
you won't need a sad farewell

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