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Good guy

My son, a 4-year 10 month old is waiting his little brother for being born to the world.

First asked if he has a brother, he will prefer to have a big brother.
The reason is because elder brother will teach him to play well his favorite game!

If he has a little brother, it just makes him as a trainer in the situation he is not good player enough...


It's a kid terminology.
His world is about playing. Not a serious thing.

But his wish is a serious reason:
How to enjoy the game and to be the winner!

I just smiled seeing his little hands try to match with his big imagination.
Although he is not expert yet, he is eager to face the challenge.
Often he asks me to join multiplayer and if the game made him difficult,
he asked me to play idle so he could beat me easily.
Absolutely :)

And now he is in a big inquiry about his little brother the day to born...

I think the point is he needs a partner.
Sometimes being alone is enjoyable.
But a friend besides him to play with is cooler to share.


Having a friend is important in life.
We can share everything we like and we get the respond we hope.
It's why in our reality a friendship or relationship networks always grow and grow.
And we do the best to be a good guy for others, don't we?

Just feel the meaning of this copy you can display on standard banner, x-banner, giant banner, or website banner:

A true brother is never to bother

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