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Trouble shooter

To be honest, it's not easy to create an ad.
Especially when you don't know exactly "the what to say" of your brand.

It's because of the lack of product knowledge you've got from your client
or your client truly has no idea to do with the brand and just asked you to come up the brand
in great execution, great brand awareness and of course, great sales.

That's it :)

Can you do that?
To accomplish that kind of task?

And you are digging more and more to get the clue or to find the flawless so you can gain the hint, transfer it the idea, craft "the how to say", and finally cook the formula.

Does it sound a mission impossible?

But as a die hard creative guys, you never give up.
There is always a way out, even it's a dead end.

Then what kind of feeling when you are the trouble shooter?


And why you can reach that role?

I think you got my point, and let it share to others on sticker:

To be a hero, first conquer your ego

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