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Mutual relation

My client asked my team to change the existing tagline of their brand.
They said that the tagline is not understandable by its target audience.
It is just on there because the rule of regional brand.
It is a must use the tagline.

So, my client told us that the soul of the brand has been missing out of the local culture. In short, it is just too high to be down to earth....

Hmmm, interesting case, right?
Moreover, my client cited that the tagline is alike a thought of manufacture instead of a representation target audience's side.

Again, the customer or target audience's point of view is the winner :)

I think the trend is now a product or brand to get involved with its target audience. A brand cannot go alone no matter how strong it is in the market.

And for the tagline, it should relate to customer's insight, not just a mandatory of management's voice.

Take a look this one. If you are handling a instant noodle (mie in Bahasa) product and you are looking for a tagline that represented the target audience's side, just make this copy work well as a tagline:

Me, Favor it

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