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Number one

In this world, to be unique is possible to reach.
Some of us feel much better when they can keep a distance from others.
Not being in a clutter or in the same crowd is a well done achievement.

It's why we can see in daily life people are in race to be number one to reach something.

The harder they try, the better the result they will get.
It's a kind of passion when they are eager to get noticed as a trendsetter.
Because the number one is always counted first.

They have a principle to lead, not to follow.
And we can find of them as a pioneer, leader, innovator, etc.
For the rest who haven't a good fortunate to be number one,
they just seek a reflection to them, trying to be in a same line or track to follow.
Like a tracking of success story, they wish to duplicate the pattern to succeed.
A benchmark is headed from them and it will be a helpful guidance.
Who knows if the time sides to them, they will replace that number one position...

In fact, some of us are proud of being copied by others.
Not only because others believe in with what they did,
but the best thing is the way they did is applicable for others.

If you have a product to relate to them who have achieved well and need to get some reward,
you can make a claim in your headline:

Performs best like you

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