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Think tank

There was a talk amongst us for the definition of a great ad.
One said that a great ad was measured visibly with amount of awards collected.
Other said that a great ad if boosted the product sales increasingly.

Where side are you?

Before you answer it, let see the facts.

Product can be trade or sell with direct approach.
Your personal skill to persuade others will be the key of success.
If your market is not wide, off course doing this way is a simple thing :)

But if your product has to be delivered to regional, nationwide or worldwide,
how much time and budgets will be taken to accomplish the objective?

How tough are you?


Your product needs a booster.
And you need a team, more additional head to become think tank.
Then you can come up with more creative strategy to communicate the product.

Advertising can help.
Advertising can help to deliver the message of product simultaneously and powerfully.

It makes target audience able to grab the main message easily and clearly. the answer is both awards winner and sales booster to define a great ad.

A classic answer, right?
Very ancient.

Because both are symbolical as yin and yang. To fulfill other.

For those who aren't satisfied with that answer, you can choose either awards winner or sales booster.

It's up to you.
No one has a right to judge your opinion.

But the same thing of those is we can see the tangible result.
That's the point at this moment!

If you want to run a kind of employee of the month program, you can raise your employee self esteem. Announcing it, appreciating them.

Make this copy real on your poster:

I'm the sales booster, not the boaster

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