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Google surprise

A great surprise for this blog in first day of 2009 is from Google.
This Inspirational Copy blog is credited for Google Page Rank 2 of 10 total value!

It's unbelievable since this blog is just a 2 month 8 day age!

How come?
But, there is no magic at all...

Because it happens as it is.
It's alive and has spirit from inspiring brands:
Impossible is Nothing (Adidas)
Just Do It (Nike)

...and more that have given me many positive meaning from their taglines.

Almost everyday I update this blog for various topics.
My mind looks like very full with ideas.
It's soft, moderate, and wild!
Some is dedicated to my creative team in agency,
some for food of thought for my student in university,
some for sharing to others onto web, and still some for anybody who is willing to use my creativity to strengthen their brand campaign, reaching the goal.
All the best, of course.

A simple principle of life lives in my heart:
I believe that every effort must get its gain :)

By the way, I welcome if someone like you have a different point of view.
No hard feeling if you don't agree with my thought.
Because it cannot break up our relationship, anyway :)
But if it can work well with you, it is because you are a great open mind person.

And let me know if you are in brainstorming of TV Commercial concept idea.
I have a copy for super in TV Commercial:

Open mind, open opportunities

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