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Real dream

Did you hear or see by yourself about someone who had a big hope but to reach that he/she had never stepped out of his/her idle state?
It's just dreaming.

It's ridiculous for hoping to get something but doing nothing.
But in our world, it's real.

Actually, a dream can be changed to reality depends on the current person's intention.
Because an action will push a reaction.

If you want to be listened, you have to speak up.
If you want to get noticed, you have to perform on.

There is no bonus for no effort.
You should dare to make a real of your dream instead of waiting for someone else to do that. Do you enjoy if your great dream taken not by yourself?

Let's move. Mark your action.
Use this copy to stick on the wall or flat surface in some contact point, so people will encourage themselves after seeing it :)

No Guts, No Results

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