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Me too

Are you confused with your on-doing tagline?
Probably you are now brainstorming with your team to regain your brand in the market share.
Your client was little satisfied about the recent sales.
Of course, the client wants more and asked you to fix the problem :)

There is no doubt if your brand is market leader.
Anything you say in its advertising campaign will be heard by its competitors.
If it can bluff them, your campaign is successful although at beginning.
At least, they still count on you.

Maybe they will plan to fight back you to break the target market's awareness.
Maybe...they will also follow your strategy.
Because nowadays some brand likes to be a me too product which deliberately follows the direct competitor's strategy.

What for?

Of course, to get the slip of mind of target market.
The me too product wishes the target market will choose its brand for campaigning alike the direct competitor.

Will that me too strategy succeed?

Why not?!

What is your opinion?


So, how do you reposition your brand's tagline to bold as market leader?

I have one tagline for it:

Nowhere but go ahead

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