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Hypnotize me

I'm stuck :(
I cannot think like I want.

What I want to think is wider about ideas after I find the best one which
it performs great on my perspective: the idea, the execution will be, and so on.

But, I'm not satisfied with only one.
I need more. I just need some alternative to accompany that one, but when I try finding another ideas, they look so bad, so dumb to fight with the best one.

What will my client say?
Perhaps they will say: "You just intentionally proposed loosers with the good one. It's unfair for us.
Can you propose us all good ideas, not only one?"

What will I say?
Silence is not a gold.
Silence is a weakness.

I must speak up. More.
Through my ideas. Not only one idea.

The best one has already hypnotized me to stop thinking creatively more.
The best one has envied to get even partner in presentation.

It could be :)

Did you ever experience this situation?

Let's talk about this.
You cannot get anything else if you just make other seem a step-thing to the best one. Not alike a priority.

You just think not from the deepest of your heart. Not shining from your mind. It looks like surfacing from nowhere. You just feel not getting involved.

You should knock the door opened.
The door in your heart where a sincerity placed inside it.


Do you have a brand or campaign to show the more done actions that dedicated to your target audience?

If yes, just make this copy play that role in poster:

Do more to give you more

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