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Brand campaign

Did you know that a brand campaign usually has 2 term to communicate its brand to the target audience?

First, we call it as Thematic Campaign which the message on it is about branding to brainwash consumers' mind with good image of brand with specific proposition and positioning in long term i.e 1 year campaign. The headline will talk about general image but in distinctive way. Others said this approach is also called "Soft Sell".

Second is Tactical Campaign which will deliver a short term objective regarding the current issue. It is usually called Promo Campaign that has objective to pamper consumers with irresistible offer. Sometimes it is either to attack or defend from the competitor. It's also known as "Hard Sell".

Thematic campaign will be an umbrella message for Tactical Campaign.
Give the soul on it. They are connected.

Hmmm..what do you think?
Perhaps you can correct my above opinion :)

But both campaigns are not easy to do. Even to think.
Each needs complete and comprehensive communication brief to lead our creativity run smoothly on right track.
It needs inspirational time to craft the idea.
It needs cooperative team work.

So, if today we are talking about inspiring product that makes life better, I have this copy line that will work well for your brand, suggested for print ad:

To Everyone. To the Future

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