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Warrior brand

There is like a one way ticket when you have no option entering your brand new product into a crowded market place.

You must be a warrior, fighting till death to win the competition, aren't you?

What's else?

Because of throwing a towel before the duel will make your client fire you or shame on you :)

Yes, it's not an easy thought and time (also budget) when realizing that you were set to reach high target, but having low ammo.

You have a poor communication brief from client and the product is inferior too.
Anyway, the market is a fierce competition...

So, what will do you do?

Wait a minute...

Making over the real to get the deal?

That's right!

The only thing you need is your self confident still there.
Of course, also the product itself.
And you should have a brilliant idea to fight against competitors, including the market leader.

Forget about "The Face to Face Strategy " in this situation. Just try another.
A guerrilla one to get up close and personal...
Imagine that your product are embracing your target audience, so close like a friend :)

And your idea can come out with this confidence through headline:

For You, Only Better

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