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You regret

It's about a regret.
It occurs in time you don't prepare for.
Something happens and remains a guilty feeling.

Did you regret recently?

What is your regret for?
For doing something or doing nothing?

Where is your regret from?
From the deepest your heart or your thought?

Why did you regret?
Because you are too weak or too strong?

The answer lies in you.

There is always a reason when someone like you regrets after facing the fact
which probably doesn't meet with the hope. Probably it's because of underestimating or overestimating something. The result you want to accept from your effort is too much or too less.

But, only you who know the exact value.

If you have tutorial or tips website, you can put this copy on it:

Avoid A Regret,
There Is Something Not To Forget

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