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Recently I've got email from Ruzanna Harutyunyan, a representative of , one of the most outstanding news portals on web who asked me for being a quest writer/poster on that site.

I am flattered. Being a guest writer is a such appreciation for me. She said that the content of my blog has fascinated her.

Oh, thanks for that.

Honestly, it is not an easy thing to write a post everyday to cover in many topics.
Sometimes I can be discipline to post a subject daily, but then it's hardly to pursue it...

I'm difficult to spend a special time to update my blog.
It is like 24 hours of time is not enough :)

How about your blog/site?
Can you update it daily?

If you can, you are the best one!

By the way, what is your focus today?
A Valentine day?

Do you have a plan to send a card to someone special?
If you still have no idea for the message, I think this one is applicable for your card:

My heart is full,
but there is always a space for you

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