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New Machine

I'm back and bring a new brain simulation for you :)

This one.

You are asked to crafting creative ideas about car product, a new one which has new machine technology offering more powerful acceleration and in speed.

Your target audience has psychography of young executives but mature in mind, visible achiever, a shining star who succeeds in life and hates conservative style.

The objective is to strengthen both product image and target market's character.

Got it?

Well, instead of highlighting the new machine literally and you are getting difficult to emphasize personally to target market's character, I think the best strategy is blending them into one strong copy line that shows off the message.

And you can go both personification approach of the benefit of the product and a confession of the young executive as its target market.

Here is the headline, accompanying your great visual design of car and young male executive's body language:

I Hate To Stop

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