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Today is the battle of smart-phones.
A talk of the town that appears as tidbits, flying following the wind flow.

Maybe it's already come to your ears.
And maybe you have owned it!

Yes, this time is the fierce fight between Blackberry by Research In Motion Limited and iPhone by Apple.

Looks familiar, right?

Both of them have been dazzling a lot of consumers and creating big fans who will defend from the good and the bad about their possessing.

Who cares to the inherent specifications?
Who will be conscious about the named-technology injected on it?
Who will be amazed by its fashioned-style?


Absolutely you.

Owning one tends to be a trend-maker. Progressive. Up-to-date. Recognized.

It looks like a confession:
it's simply for me. It's really me.

Then you can be connected by everyone, anytime. And you can be always caught by your messenger status 24 hours. You let everyone know your mood, your thought or your activity.

Just leave your status, others will notice.
Just push your message, others will know.
Immediately. Less than second.

You can get refreshed by a time goes by.

So, it's a battle of the minds rather than image itself.
Image is already given.
Mind is yours and you created it. Intentionally.

It's not a game alike thing-in-itself, but you like to play it.
So, when it comes to your mind, what kind of promise do you want to display on TV Commercials?

Without It, Life Means Nothing

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