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Say A Word

Every word has meaning.
Every meaning has power.

So, may I say that every word has power?
It's very simple, right?

But, don't judge the word by its power :)
It's not as simple as your thought.

In reality, perhaps you often get difficulty to make a word fit with your purpose. A conversation for example, it needs a good thinking and good emotion handling to make your every word listened by your partner.

In advertising and marketing, you can deliver words optimally in various medium such as print ad, poster, billboard, video tron, TV commercials, radio commercials, running text, SMS blast, email blast, etc...that every word you create is having a function.

If your word is kind, it can make other peace of mind.
But on the contrary, if you deliver a bad word, I'm afraid you will break someone else's heart...


The word you choose is a must be selected.
To someone whom you say the word is always to be selected.
How you deliver the word is a medium that carefully selected.

So, still think that saying something to someone else is easy?
In fact, you have to prepare it comprehensively to make your word valuable.
Make your word more impact in any medium.

Don't waste your time to play with word that is already used by other.
If other (brand) already said it, you could have to say it in another way, in more powerful way.

Don't be proud of being a copycat

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