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Missing in Action

Maybe today is your bad when you are realizing your ad campaign drop in result. It's far away from your expectation. A matter of fact, it missed the target. It's something that left behind such as missing in action.

What's wrong? What kind of mistake lays on the fact?

You and your team should make a comprehensive review to avoid such problem to occur again in the future. You can make a list to track the causes. Don't make an assumption that everything is totally right. Don't defense yourself. It's only getting worse for the matter.

It must be a mistake in your campaign.
However, no one will be burdened by the weight of fail.
It's a work of team. So, don't worry...

Then, take a look to the ad strategy.
A surgeon is a must to get in detail.
Let everyone get involved in deep review.

After that, all of you can raise such questions:

Has your ad answered the target audience's need or want?
Has your ad well crafted to talk to them?
Has your ad message delivered the right thing of your product to the target audience?
Has your ad message sided to the customer?

You yourself could continue the list to seek the missing link further
(including media exposure, media placement, media budget, etc)
Find it, find the thing missed in the execution: missing in action.

Randomly checked out the problems, I intend to review the ad message.
Has it talked too much from manufacture side?
If so, maybe it's the main problem.

If you can turn it into consumer side, it will be totally different in look and sense. Because it's so important to be able to feel the emotion and the behavior of your target audience precisely.

Indeed, you'll find and craft a great approach for your ad.

Today's tip:

Say your ad from target audience's side

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