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Award Winning

What kind of annoying thing which always haunts creative people?

Winning an award :)

Undeniable that creative person in advertising agency is hungry to beat another creative idea from other people.

It's so prideful when your winning ad can stand out amongst other, right?
The more creative, the more possibility to win an award.

But is it true?
Or something left behind?

How about your own experience?
Have you won some award at least one?
Can you share to us how you got that award?
How easy or how difficult you are to bold your existence in this fierce idea battle?

When you are thinking about your creative idea which will be luck for award :),
at the same time are you thinking about your client respond when they see it at presentation?

Does your creative is on the track with client's brief or
you just have a hidden agenda to make your creative idea pass the formality of presentation so you can claim your idea is not a scam, because it has been shown.

Not created only for ad festival.
Not driven by your ego :)

I just want to refresh my mind today.

Just think creative to answer the client's brief.
Award will follow.

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