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Way Out

When you get a dead end in your way of exploring ideas,
what could be a way out for you?

This question is not a kind of rhetorical something, but you should have the answer.
It reflects the way you manage yourself instead of your temper :)
It can say much the character of manner to copy the problem.

Yes, when you claim yourself as creative person, you are in serious problem. Indeed.

You are not ordinary people. You are totally different.
When others think literally, you take the way laterally.
When others are proud of achieving standard, you have to be beyond.

Like or not, you have to push your endurance of your brain much more and more.
Being stagnant is a shortcut to your grave of your ideas.

Just play fair to yourself.
As a creative, you should run anytime.
Run, run and run to pursue your dreams. Your objective. Your aim.
And you'll always get your way out when you get a dead end. Automatically.
Because your brain has been already set up for that...

Dead End is not totally an End

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