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Visual or Copy

My student asked me which should be first in mind when creating a print ad:
visual or copy first?

The question is normal or standard for people who are willing to craft a new print ad.
It's not silly one, but it is annoying for the asker (or other who had same question) when that question has no answer or no one cannot convince him/her enough.

By the way, do you have the answer?

I'll appreciate whatever your answer :)

Okay, it's a great time to recall or track your mind work :) the way you usually grab ideas and how, why, and what ideas that flash to your mind.

If ideas usually come to you through visual, it's fine.
If ideas easily make you have eureka time in copy concept, it's fine too.
If both visual and copy usually come together to you, you are blessed!

Don't confuse to reject one of them when it comes in the way you are not ready for that: not as like what you expect. Just take it. Visual driven or copy driven doesn't matter.

The most important is idea driven itself!

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