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April Mop

When a shit happens to you in early April on date 1, will you take it seriously?
I suggest you can keep your temper calm because probably you are in joke.
A serious joke. You are in a play of April mop which run by either of your team, friends, colleague, enemies and so on.

The joke is a prank which it could make you get totally upset.
It's not serious, but it's a serious joke so you will remember it along the rest of your life :)

And why April Mop is still alive and happening although it never got published through advertising and media?

Because we all are the messenger, its message carrier who popularize and update it every time the date is first on April.

It's joke. But serious in planning and execution.
Did you do that? Or are you planning to prank of your friend?

Be serious to make a joke.

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