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King of Ideas

This situation could happen to anyone, maybe you already had this experience.

Your client was not happy with your creative execution or the result of the product campaign which was developed by your agency.

Then the client started to blame on your strategy and the way the ideas were executed which those already were approved by them before.

The client is king. It’s a vision from the client side and sometimes somehow from your management side.

The fact that from your creative side is idea is king.

So, which one is the true king?

Which one does have better power to push you radically?

As the creative idea owner, you would defend and explain that everything had run on the right track, except “x” factor uncontrolled which has successfully destroyed your expectation.

But who cares?

I think you care.

Yes, you do.

You have the reason and the responsibility on it.

Because you are the king of your ideas.

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