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The Power of Super

Don’t ever think I am writing about action figures as superheroes like Superman or Spiderman in this post.
Not a chance. (Next time, maybe :))
This time, we are talking about super – a word line which appears in TV Commercial.
Sometimes it superimposes over a visual to strengthen the visual meaning or it appears alone over the white or black background as a conclusion, resume, summary or key line for the whole story of the TVC.
Remember, to strengthen not to make a redundancy of meaning.
Depends on the execution, sometimes a TVC gives you an order to make a conclusion by yourself what the main message on it.
The TVC is trying to play with you interactively instead of making the conclusion literally.
Not only will inspire you, but also you get a comfort feeling because you are in a part of the result. Understood or not. Receive or reject the message.
And sometimes, the super in TVC let you be in a deep role play how you can absorb and understanding the story of the TVC.
It’s more playful than none.
More emotional.
So, when you decide to have super(s) in your TVC, don’t put an ordinary sentence or phrase on it.
Put something powerful wording, of course, which is not literal as ‘what to say’ wording.
The impact is from your ‘how to say’.
Try it as a dummy before you present it to your client or even in internal team meeting.
Just feel it. The difference.
Don’t underestimate the super

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