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Social Media

How many social media did you join?

What kind of objective was when you decided to join social media?

Probably, your answer is merely same with me, with your friend, with your friend of your friend, and so on.

But, maybe, you have totally different answer with others.
Oh, never mind.

Because this time we are not discussing which the best one among others.
But the topic is now about the power of social media.

Imagine that we can use a social media to branding our product.
Not only do advertise on the social media but also the tidbits that happening over the members about our product campaign that they saw in any media and became a topic for them.

What a surprise when tracking or monitoring their activities, especially their status, we can see our product described by them.

And we cannot neglect it at all.

Various comments from them will be a remarkable value for evaluating our campaign.

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