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Trending Topic

Popularized by Twitter, a social media which now positioned as a news update about any topic in online network, the phrase “Trending Topic” is to highlight the hot news about something which is talked the most by Twitter users.

Recognized or not, if you make a tweet about something and it is displayed on your status update, you intend to spread your message to your followers (if any) deliberately ☺

And what do you expect to do that?
Probably you need feedback from your followers
or you just informed it without waiting any feedback.

In advertising, your copy is worth it as any message in trending topics.
The difference is you make a copy line based on a requested topic which has been defined by client through creative brief or communication brief.

When your communication is standout, more powerful than other competitor and create a stopping power, it will be a trending topic or hot topic or tidbits not only in Twitter or other social media, but also in any forum or community.

Then it's like a bonus for you to be talked by someone else through a tweet and responded by others.
It’s a different story if you tweet with the topic by yourself , right?

A spontaneous action from non-communicator is a big deal for the communication itself

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