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Curriculum Vitae

Maybe you often hear some proverb such as “You are What You Think; You are What You Eat; You are What You Read; You are…(you can add your version, anyway).
For a copywriter, in daily basis: You are What You Write.
People know you from your writing (if they want to hehehe)
But guess, did people know when it was still inside your mind?
Let people know you easier. Your character is a signature amongst others.
Especially, when you are looking for a new job Smile.

If you write down your experiences & your skillfulness in your curriculum vitae (CV) as a bunch of list, literally, you are seriously hurting your creative soul (and all creative people, sigh).
Don’t be proud if you write like others do.
In commercial writing, this is a part of don’s.
Yes. Sameness is a shame.

Because writing a CV can be applied like executing a print ad, radio commercial, even a TV Commercial and etc. You can add some supporting visual, links, voices, sounds, videos and more on your CV.

So, how can insert them in papers?
Who is talking about writing CV in papers?

If you are true copywriter, forget to be a typist or clerk type (sorry, but it’s true).
Your creative mind must drive all your consciousness and your fear.
Utilize all media. Pick one of them to represent yourself in a creative CV.

The better your CV, the better your future

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