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Pay back

What kind of your feeling when you realize your efforts mean nothing?
You just work harder and harder everyday but the result is you are not counted?

The worse, you are in a pity and try blaming to someone else or you just pointed to yourself about this bad luck.

Nothing is wrong with you.
Your reaction to the situation is a human nature.

Even if you are super-patience person, probably you are still the same, feeling disappointed and try figuring out what's happening.

First respond to the matter, you just regretted, but then you can rise again and ready to face the reality. First action is denying anything, getting stuck in the middle nowhere, confusing where to go. Then you are able to grab the fact that the worst has passed and you have to make a new step to pay your world back.

You evaluate the causes of your failure.
After that, you will make a new day with much more awareness for any possibilities. You have a new power to manage your weakness and your strength simultaneously.

You are now becoming tougher.

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The power of failure

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