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Online diary

Can you find the difference about writing diary in the past and the present?
Of course, you can :)

In the past you are used to write daily about your thought, experiences, etc in a special customized book called "diary". Sometimes, you had to write a long text taking place many pages to fulfill that. If made a wrong writing, you just corrected it by erased, then you could continue after that.

Also, you would draw manually a visual around the page or accompany it by some photo or image . To highlight the important words, you would mark it with a special color or sign.

But today, everything is so different. You can write a diary without paper and too much efforts. Even more, editing your diary is so simple. You just correct the wrong word by replaced it with new one without someone else notice it. Automatically. Easily.

Yup. It's because you now write your diary in a blog via internet, typed it with computer or smart gadgets. In your online diary, you can add almost all item you want which is impossible in the past. You can write, post and edit your online diary anytime, anywhere.

The most important thing in your online diary, you can call others to fill up or participate into your diary. You can put another people's diary into your diary via a link or blogroll.
And the most advanced innovation which old diary cannot compete it is you can make your blog as your income generator!

You can put a paid link text, third party ad banner, or post a review for current product in your post to get money :)

It sounds great, right?
From writing a diary, you can get paid to blog!

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