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Ask Yourself

As a creative person,
what kind of feeling do you have when you have executed a what to say to be as it is?

The fact:
You just executed it as a how to say for your current campaign.

Just take a breath. A long and slow one is allowed :)

Then ask yourself:

Did I satisfy with the done job?
Was I proud of or I just humiliated myself with it?

I believe in you guys that you are not a kind of people who wants a dream come true like blinking eyes in second.

It needs a process. It's supposed to be galvanized in a fierce brainstorming. It's not an instant seed of improvisation in the name of a tight deadline.

I agree with you, crafting some good ideas is not like a short cut or one night dream, but it's a kind of dead end. You have to find out the way out to get connection with the current what to say of your brand campaign.

If you get your idea too easy and apply it in execution, will be you suspicious?

It's too good to be true.

Come on, guys. You know it as your favorite hide-and-seek game.
Just find the treasure.

The day is high noon.
Don't run a party earlier.

Dig, dig and dig.
"Dug, dug, dug!"

Watch Out! Don't Bury Yourself!

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