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John Chow

What is a name by Shakespeare is a well-known satire question to answer the question itself.

I'm sure that Shakespeare has a strong reason when he submitted that popular sentence into the air and has been becoming tidbits for centuries until now, logically and emotionally discussed in any forum worldwide.

From internet, did you ever hear a name "John Chow"?
Yup, John Chow.

Not John Cow, Jhon Chow, or Jhon Cow.
The name has neither relation with John Woo, John Lennon, John Travolta, Elton John, nor John(ny) Mnemonic...:)

So, is John Chow a unique name?

If you are googling with subject John Chow, you'll find out about > 10 million search result for the subject. And finally you get the answer itself why John Chow is very popular in search engine.

John Chow is not a virtue. He is real and living in Vancouver, Canada. He is one of the internet masters who has been earning a lot of money from internet! From his Twitter you can grab his bio data as I make money online by telling people how much money I make online.

Hmmm...nice positioning, right?

Why this post talking about John Chow?
I just randomly pick up a person from internet database to show you how important is a name.

Like your name, you have a responsibility to manage your name as a brand.
Don't screw it up or mess up your name image by your activities record.
A bad name always has a grueling recovery to be a good name.

Everyone has each positioning in life.
Everyone has a task to accomplish.

Then you can put it -- your name as brand -- strongly memorable in people's mind:

If a name has power, it must be powerful

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