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I assume you know Einstein's theory about Relativity.
It's a well-known formula that describes a deep connection between energy and mass.

Yes, undebatable that Albert Einstein is one of the greatest scientists of this century.

If you take a look deeper on Einstein's theory, the formula consists a law of simplicity. It's not only uniquely written, but it also has a magnetism to your mind.

The formula is so simple and memorable, yet powerful impact.

If you can create such formula, I believe you can communicate to others clearly.

For example, you can write down headlines or taglines for your product to convey the message of "what to say".

But in the same time, you should be honest to yourself to kill your headline or tagline if it only represents your ego, not your brand.

Just make it proper. Start with simplicity. Crafting it in witty way.
Dare to put off a label smart guy or genius creative person to avoid of backfire as dull ideas.

Simple and sincere, enlightening your mind

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