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Big Bang

What often mistake do creative people do?

In my opinion:
They are satisfied too fast. Too early.


Correct me if I am wrong :)

Take a look back your days when you've got a big bang idea for your creative materials.
Will you eager to dig the concept again?
In fact you still have a chance to see it from another perspective, but you won't...

Perhaps you and your team have agreed that the idea is already the answer of the campaign objective and needless to consider on client side to judge more the idea.

From the creative view, the big bang idea is the best of the best, so it's just wasting the time to make a review again.

But if you were pretending a client, maybe you would find a crack in your solid argument.
Maybe it's only a very tiny crack, but it is enough to make your big bang idea fragile.

Then imagine you're presenting it to your client and suddenly the client breaking that big bang idea into pieces easily...

Today's tip is :

Don't love your idea too much

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